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Oh man. I really feel like I'm in an abusive relationship with Hanson. They break me down, make me wait 2 months for the DVD to finally arrive. I sit there, so frustrated and annoyed, waiting for it to arrive. And then, it shows up in my mailbox and I turn into a giddy little girl, throw it into my player, and watch the deleted scenes with the excitement of a kid on Christmas. Oh Hanson. LOL

I'm still not done with the whole doc, but have really been enjoying it. I really feel for the guys. I have felt continually uncomfortable through the entire thing. It's so obvious that they were just being shoved around, and in my opinion, trying to get pushed to the point of quitting. Poor guys. They're so talented, and everyone who worked one on one with them agreed, and yet the label was just really douchey. Lame.

A few things: So glad Zac cut his hair. Holy mother of god I forgot how long and awkward it was. Taylor is just freaking gorgeous. He looks good all the time, in everything. Mmm... love me some pre-marriage TayHan. LOL And Isaac is a big grumpy guss at times. Holy crap. And he really needs to stop playing guitar when people are talking to him. That drives me insane!!! lol But, the moral of the story is that these guys will always, ALWAYS have a special place in my heart.

I love you guys, but still hate you at times. Peace out, homies! The doc was well worth the wait, as much as it makes me feel like an abused person to admit it. Losers. :P

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